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June 2015

Found 5 blog entries for June 2015.

What are the Popular Neighborhoods in Surprise, Arizona?

As a Realtor in Surprise, AZ I get this question quite often. The best way to answer this question is to simply determine what exactly are the most important qualities you're looking for in a community. To determine some of the most popular neighborhoods in Surprise, AZ it takes a little research on the qualities of each neighborhood and ultimately where they are located. Each neighborhood is unique in it's own way, and some of the most notable characteristic home buyers are looking for are good schools, safety, low crime rate, and of course resale value. 

Most Popular Neighborhoods

If you're looking for some of the most popular neighborhoods in Surprise, AZ here are the Top 4; Marley Park,

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Buying your next Dream Home

Finding one of the perfect homes for sale in Surprise AZ can be a challenge if you don't have the right Realtor. Currently we are facing a lack of inventory on the market that makes it tough to find and get an excepted offer on that perfect home. The last experience you want is to find one of your dream homes for sale in Surprise AZ and learn that someone else has purchased the home hours earlier. Here are 3 steps to help find and purchase that next dream home without losing it to some other home buyer.

Step #1 Home Search Website

Top Realtor Todd Pooler with The Pooler Group

The first step in finding one of the dream homes for sale in Surprise AZ is market research. The best way to research the market is a robust online Home Search Site. Finding that perfect

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How to find the Best Realtor in Surprise, AZ

The number one complaint of all home buyers and sellers according to a recent study by Arizona's Department of Real Estate is lack of communication. What I've found with my clients that have had similar experiences like this with other Realtors is that this study is 100% accurate. To be the Best Realtor in Surprise, AZ...I feel that communication is the key, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. I've discovered over my years of experience that there are 3 reasons that seem to be most important to my clients regarding their current and future real estate needs, and this is what I feel has enabled me to be on the list of Top Realtor in Surprise, AZ.

Reason #1 Have a Robust Home Search

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3 Steps to Buying a Newly Constructed Home

In today's active real estate market New Homes for sale in Surprise, AZ have become very popular among perspective home buyers. Especially given the lack of inventory in pre-owned homes for sale. Buying a newly built home form one of the many New Home builders is relatively simple. However, there are some pointers that every home buyer should know before making the decision on buying a new home straight from the builder. First, congratulations on beginning your new home search. Here with The Pooler Group you can search all the New Homes for sale in the Surprise, AZ market. The first step is do your research on the location, neighborhood, and actual home builder you want to visit based on reputation and quality

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Surprise Homes with Pools 

Buying a new home in Surprise, AZ is certainly an exciting experience for new prospective home buyers. One of the most desirable feature of all homes for sale in Surprise, AZ is a swimming pool. Homes with pools for sale in Surprise, AZ are of the highest demand for home buyers currently living in Surprise, AZ or buyers moving to Surprise, AZ from other parts of the United States. At any given time there are over 100 homes with pools for sale in Surprise, AZ during normal market conditions. Homes with pools usually sell for a high price in the Surprise AZ Real Estate market; normally between $10,000- $30,000 higher depending on the location and price point of the home.

Featured Neighborhoods with Pool Homes


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